Land with a previous industrial use

that, now, is available to a new use.



B Team is a collaborative effort to

influence existing and future policies

on Brownfields through examples

derived from successes and

experiences of the 14 partners.



Brownfield redevelopment has to

become an important theme in

environmental and other policies

that governments try to implement.



Building on Brownfield land is

essential if we are going to

develop our regions in the

sustainable way they need.

November 6, 2017

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March 8, 2013 imgpostbn

Project Review Workshop Organised in Austria

B-Team partners have organised the project review workshop on 28 February- 01 March 2013, hosted by the partner AREC in Irdning, Austria.   The final review workshop demonstrated the commitment of the partners to enhance the network of Brownfield concerned cities and institutions and determi... Read more...
October 19, 2012 imgpostbn

Final Conference in Seville

“RE-USING THE PAST FOR THE FUTURE: New Initiatives in Brownfield Regeneration” was the theme of the INTERREG IVC project B-Team Final Conference. The Brownfield Policy Improvement Task Force, led by Belfast City Council, has organised the culmination of the project on 7-8 November 20... Read more...
August 20, 2012 imgpostbn

Brownfield Days Belfast

Belfast City hosted the last Brownfield Days (BDs) on 10-13 September 2012. This was organise by the Lead partner of the project, Belfast City Council. 'Brownfield Days’ took place in the cities involved where local issues and experiences were discussed with the participants in the pr... Read more...
August 15, 2012

AREC to organise local conference in Austria

To disseminate the results of the B-Team project and to present the situation in Austria, the Agricultural Research and Education Centre Raumberg-Gumpenstein, a partner in the B-Team Project, organised a conference 25 September 2012 in Austria. The main aim of the conference was to get a glimpse on ... Read more...
June 25, 2012 imgpostbn

8th Brownfield Days successfully held in Debrecen

The 8th Brownfield Days (BDs) was conducted in Debrecen, Hungary on 3-6 July 2012. This was hosted by the new partner Institution Maintenance Centre of Hajdu-Bihar County. The activity is part of the overall strategy of the B-Team project in the exchange of experiences in Brownfield regenera... Read more...
May 28, 2012 imgpostbn

Brownfield Days productively conducted in Dublin

The 7th Brownfield Days (BDs) were successfully conducted in Dublin, Ireland on 21-24 May 2012. The activity was part of the overall strategy of the B-Team project in sharing expertise and experience in Brownfield regeneration. The focus of these particular Brownfield Days were on the th... Read more...
April 4, 2012 imgpostbn

Vilnius European Dissemination Event Successful

The fourth European Dissemination Event of the B-Team project was successfully conducted in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania 26- 27 April 2012 and was hosted by the municipal government of Vilnius. The main objective of the event is to disseminate the results of the B-Team project so... Read more...
November 29, 2011 imgpostbn

B-TEAM participated in the Good Practice Fair at Krakow

The project good practice “Experimental Laboratory: Brownfield Soil Remediation Techniques” has been presented at the INTERREG IVC Good Practice Fair in Krakow, Poland 24 November 2011. It was presented by Sabine Kalke, Project Manager in the workshop on “Smart use of waste lands”. A... Read more...
October 12, 2011 imgpostbn

Brownfield Days in Vilnius were held successful

“I am glad we can use knowledge of the cities that already have developed such projects before we starts in the area“ a quote from the City Mayor Arturas Zuokas. The Mayor was refering to Vilnius case study area- Park of Architecture, a vast Brownfield area of the City which was subjected to... Read more...
September 16, 2011 imgpostbn

Vilnius City gearing up for its Brownfield Days

  The preparation for the Brownfield Days in Vilnius City is underway. Mayor Arturas Zuokas and the B-Team members of the City have met with Sabine Kalke, Project Manager on 02 September 2011 to discuss the coming event. In the meeting, the Mayor and the team members stressed that the C... Read more...
September 9, 2011 imgpostbn

European Dissemination Event held in Poland

The third European Dissemination Event (EDE) was held in Ruda Śląska, Poland on 5-6 September 2011. Ruda Śląska is a city in Silesia in southern Poland and part of Silesian Voivodeship. The objective of the EDE was to disseminate the results of the B-Team project so far to a broader publi... Read more...
August 15, 2011

“Container Event” in Oulu, Finland

Following its approved Brownfield Pledge, the City of Oulu, Finland together with various groups is organising a “Container Event” in the identified Brownfield area. In the Brownfield Days in Oulu the B-Team partners recommended to organise such an event to kick-start the development of the sit... Read more...
July 8, 2011 imgpostbn

Dresden hosted the 5th European Brownfield Days

The 5th Brownfield Days (BDs) was conducted in Dresden, Germany on 4-7 July 2011. It was hosted by Dresden City Council. Dresden is situated in the south-eastern part of the Free State of Saxony, which borders not only on other German regions, but also on the Czech Republic and Poland. Dresden ... Read more...
June 22, 2011 imgpostbn

Brownfield Days conducted in Sevilla

The fourth Brownfield Days (BDs) were held in Seville, Spain last 31 May- 3 June 2011. Sevilla is the capital city of the autonomous community of Andalusia and of the province of Seville. It is situated on the plain of the River Guadalquivir. The focused of these particular Brownfield Days we... Read more...
May 5, 2011 imgpostbn

Hajdú-Bihar Dissemination Event Successful

The 2nd European Dissemination Event (EDE) was held successfully in Debrecen. On the first day, the representatives from 14 B-Team  partners were welcomed by Mr. Attila Tóth, Vice-President of the Assembly of Hajdú-Bihar County. In the event, the national and regional officials from Hungary,... Read more...
March 30, 2011

Second European Dissemination Event in Hajdú-Bihar is coming up

The second European Dissemination Event (EDE) will be held in Hajdú-Bihar on 19-20 April 2011. The activity will be hosted by the Hajdú-Bihar County Council. Hajdú-Bihar is an administrative county in eastern Hungary, on the border with Romania. The capital of Hajdú-Bihar county is Debrecen. ... Read more...
March 28, 2011 imgpostbn

Brownfield Days held in Ruda Slaska

The third Brownfield Days (BDs) were held in Ruda Śląska on 7-10 March 2011. Ruda Śląska is a city in Silesia in southern Poland and part of Silesian Voivodeship, an administrative region and local government unit in Poland. The specific objective of these particular Brownfield Days were... Read more...
March 24, 2011 imgpostbn

Better Policies through Interregional Cooperation

Cultural heritage and landscapes The whole European territory possesses a wide range of cultural assets and landscapes, which are increasingly threatened with destruction and decay due to natural and human factors. The utilisation of brownfields as well as contaminated and abandoned lands is an ... Read more...
January 26, 2011 imgpostbn

A collaborative effort by 14 partners from 11 different countries.

Brownfield sites are previously used land that has been made available and requires reclamation to a new use. Potentially contaminated by low concentration of hazardous waste or pollution, they have become a concern in Europe’s urbanised areas as a consequence of industrial conversion. B-Team ... Read more...