March 28, 2011

Brownfield Days held in Ruda Slaska


The third Brownfield Days (BDs) were held in Ruda Śląska on 7-10 March 2011. Ruda Śląska is a city in Silesia in southern Poland and part of Silesian Voivodeship, an administrative region and local government unit in Poland.

The specific objective of these particular Brownfield Days were to share the partners’ procedures and strategies in the context of spatial planning and Brownfield regeneration. It was further discussed what kind of documents work in the partners’ cities, how are they developed and created and how they are used.

The first day of the activity was the presentation of the identified Brownfield areas in Ruda Śląska, followed by the Brownfield Tour- the detailed examination and assessment of the identified Brownfield sites of the City.

During the workshop on the next day that was based on the “Leonardo da Vinci” method wherein the situation of the Brownfield sites were analysed and ideas and strategies for different sites developed.

The participants also visited an existing coal mine in Ruda Śląska, KWK Pokoj and witnessed the activities in the area

On Wednesday afternoon, a series of workshops were facilitated based on the agreed methodologies and structures.  The outputs of the workshops were deliberated, discussed and agreed upon, and conclusions and recommendations were given to city officials.  

In the closing session, the Brownfield Pledge was discussed and the President of Ruda Śląska gave her closing remarks. 



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