October 12, 2011

Brownfield Days in Vilnius were held successful


“I am glad we can use knowledge of the cities that already have developed such projects before we starts in the area“ a quote from the City Mayor Arturas Zuokas. The Mayor was refering to Vilnius case study area- Park of Architecture, a vast Brownfield area of the City which was subjected to rigorous examination by the B-Team partners in the Brownfield Days in Lithuania.  

The first day of the activity was called “Vilnius Exploration Day” and activities included sight visits, viewing of the city model, presentations on Vilnius historical background, urban planning and development. There was also a presentation on the City real state market analysis, demand and supply; and the introduction to pilot territories, unique neighbourhood of “Uzupis Republic”.

The next day was the “Territory Analysis Day” that included the tour and territory analysis of “Park of Architecture” as well as the introduction to workshop groups. The third day was named as “Workshop Day” that was continuation of workshop activities, presentation of conclusions to overall groups, and identification of further works, and discussions on the main ideas for the final workshop results.

On the final day- “Conclusion Day”, the presentation of B-Team project and workshops results were presented to the public where more than 120 people participated.

The project was also featured on the main national TV station, radio stations, several newspaper and internet sites.

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