November 29, 2011

B-TEAM participated in the Good Practice Fair at Krakow


The project good practice “Experimental Laboratory: Brownfield Soil Remediation Techniques” has been presented at the INTERREG IVC Good Practice Fair in Krakow, Poland 24 November 2011. It was presented by Sabine Kalke, Project Manager in the workshop on “Smart use of waste lands”.

As cited on the programme website, Interregional cooperation has brought many advantages to those organisations involved in partnerships. Across 122 projects financed by the INTERREG IVC programme, over 1000 good practices have been identified in ten themes thanks to this cooperation. This event aims to be a platform for exchanging experiences and taking up good practices identified or transferred with cooperation projects.

The experimental laboratory was initiated by the B-Team partners; the Municipality of Torino and University of Torino, together with a private institution Reviplant s.s- R&D Department. The experimental project, which is located on-site of the identified Brownfield area, presents the various techniques in soil remediation. It is a transparent process that allows the public to experience the transformation from a polluted to a cleaned up site.

Please click here to view the presentation. Good_practice_BTeam

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