May 28, 2012

Brownfield Days productively conducted in Dublin


The 7th Brownfield Days (BDs) were successfully conducted in Dublin, Ireland on 21-24 May 2012. The activity was part of the overall strategy of the B-Team project in sharing expertise and experience in Brownfield regeneration.

The focus of these particular Brownfield Days were on the theme; Can Urban Spaces Alone Regenerate Brownfield Places? The four main workshop sub-themes are; 1) What is the role of urban design in Brownfield regeneration? 2) What types of connectivity are necessary to achieve brownfield regeneration? 3) How can diversity and vitality enliven brownfield sites and unlock their development potential? and 4) How can heritage and the natural environment assist brownfield regeneration?

The first day of the activity included opening of the programme, introduction of the host city and the case study site, bus and walking tour. There was also a presentation on the City planning and the current issues for Dublin.

The next day was the presentation of guest experts on the four (4) themes as well as the combined walking and Luas tour to relevant sites. The third day was the continuation of workshop activities, informal presentation of workshop results to all groups, and discussions on the main ideas for the final presentation.

On the final day, the B-Team project and workshops results were presented to the city officials, elected members and to all project stakeholders at the City hall. 

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