The main objective of B-Team is the improvement of regional policies influencing Brownfield redevelopment through transfer of best practice.

B-Team will influence future policies on Brownfields through examples derived from successes and experiences of the partners. This best practice of more experienced partners will be transferred to lesser experienced.

This project, based on previously related activities focusing on Brownfields, intends to move further and deal with exchange of experiences and good practices on regional policies, methods and dissemination tools, addressing the benefits of sustainable Brownfield regeneration.

The project will offer policy support in the regions that will help to develop Brownfield sites prior to Greenfield land as a principal.

Sub-objectives of the project are:

  • Identification of best practice in Brownfield policy development in the partners’ regions
  • Strengthening the partners’ knowledge of using existing policies through interregional cooperation
  • To promote the preservation and re-use of built heritage through improvement of Conservation Brownfield policies
  • Preservation of Greenland and nature diversity through improvement of Environmental Brownfield policies
  • To provide less experienced partners with appropriate policies regarding Brownfield redevelopment – identified good practice in Brownfield policies (partly identified already in INTERREG IIIC project BERI) will be transferred from old Member States to new Member States. The existing Brownfield policies of the old partners will be improved through feed-back sessions after the transfer.

Through the involvement of a number of experts within and outside the partnership, B-Team encourages international networking, trans-disciplinary and trans-sectoral cooperation.

In the European Dissemination Events B-Team will involve organisations outside the network and aims to change the mindset of people involved in regeneration processes and decision-makers. The Brownfield Pledges will be published on the website and there will be the opportunity for other interested parties to join in and adopt the pledge as well. The benefits will be shown.  The examples of those signing up will be put on the website and all the pledges will be presented in the final conference.

This will promote sustainable Brownfield regeneration at European level.

The overall added value will be the development of evidence based information expertise and policies to ensure the successful development of Brownfield sites. This is an opportunity for partners with different market and development conditions to work together. In the longer term the project will enable the creation of knowledgeable and sustainable communities which can reclaim derelict land and put it back into productive use. The consumption of Greenfield land will be reduced and sustainable previously developed sites promoted.