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Seville is one of the most important cities of Southern Europe. Located in the heart of Andalusia, Seville is not just a prime tourist destination, but in recent years has also proved to be an important commercial, economic and industrial city.

Seville is a city with a modern infrastructure for the deployment of all kinds of businesses and has a highly developed industry in many areas. The sevillian economy has strong industries such as agri-foodstuffs industry, shipbuilding, with a long tradition linked to the port, aeronautic, as well as the auxiliary automotive industry. In addition, Seville has other important buoyant industries such as fashion and clothing, intermediate and final chemistry industries, industrial and civil engineering, architecture, consulting, human resources, design and advertising, and, of course, culture and tourism.

Sevilla Global

Appointed to the Economy and Employment department, Sevilla Global is the Urban Agency for Comprehensive Development of Seville City Council.

Sevilla Global’s plan of action includes programmes, services and initiatives for economic development and business promotion. Its agenda is organised into five working areas: Business Information, Business Incubation, Revitalization of Industrial Land, Innovation and Inward Investment and Support to Local Clusters.

Sevilla Global, as the Agency in charge of projects and policies developed by the City Council of Seville related to Brownfield sites, has continued to develop the revitalisation of Industrial Land, a strategy set to address the obsolescence problem which affects large parts of the city.

Sevilla Global and BTeam

BTeam policy helps redeveloping Brownfield sites in an economical way and Sevilla Global is keen to discuss its transferability with other partners.  To learn from other partners’ experiences regarding Planning Policies and the possibilities of signposting Brownfield sites would be of great benefit.

The general aim of the local project is to protect and enhance the industrial heritage and historical memory in downtown Seville. The activities to be developed are:
1.- Creation of a database describing all the former brownfields in Seville, including all the information available (publications, environmental regulations, socioeconomic characteristics, etc).
2.- Development of innovative approaches to soil protection and to the rehabilitation of Brownfield sites.
3.- Promotion of brownfield as places with a huge potential for the economic development of the regions.
4.- Creation of a comprehensive project of intervention on the Real Fábrica de Artillería, one of the most relevant brownfields in Seville.
5.- To offer a selection of best practices in the national and international field.