The City Hall of Ruda Śląska

The City Hall of Ruda Śląska
Phone: + 48 32 244 9046

Ruda Slaska is a city with a long mining and steel industry tradition, which necessitates serious and dynamic economical and infrastructure restructuring. Projects of revitalisation
are becoming more and more important in Polish cities and communities. Thanks to their successful realisation the attractiveness of living environment has increased, also
the natural environment has improved and new investment territories have been gained. On the 27th of September 2007, The City Council of Ruda Slaska passed a resolution of a Local Programme of Revitalisation of The City Ruda Slaska for the years 2007-2015. The Programme is directed to support the economic development, increasing investments, tourist and cultural attractiveness and also counteracting the negative effects of heavy industry restructuring such as unemployment, local community passiveness, degradation of municipal space, environment contamination. Actions of local authority focuses
on these issues.