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University of Torino
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The Department of Valorisation and Protection of Agro-forestry Resources (DIVAPRA) is a research and teaching institution of the University of Torino (Italy). In the last 20 years its research field includes, among others, soil chemistry, soil contamination and remediation. The development of policies, strategies and methods to implement sustainable Brownfield regeneration plays an important role in the research work of
the institute. Another research focus is the preservation of cultural heritage and landscape.
UNITO has specific experience in the field of investigation and reclamation of Brownfields, with particular reference to the environmental soil chemistry of these areas. Many studies have been conducted in the past years together with local Authorities and major environmental consulting firms aimed at developing sustainable remediation options to be adopted in the process of transformation of Brownfields into Greenfields. UNITO has gained experience with a very diverse range of Brownfields. Special experiences are in site-specific investigations and analyses, aimed at the definition of the environmental quality of Brownfields. Data are typically used to quantify the health risk for citizens derived by the contamination, through implementation of risk-assessment procedures, to identify clean-up target values and develop sustainable remediation strategies. Several projects are currently on-going, funded by the Municipality and by the Regional Agency for the protection of the Environment, to develop and test remediation options for Brownfields based on “green” techniques.